Mojave Electric has worked closely with many non-profit organizations over the years.  Mojave donated to many local charities including the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, Nevada Blind Children’s Foundation, Autism Foundation, Firefighters of Southern Nevada Burn Foundation, Opportunity Village and many others.

Most recently Mojave Electric donated to the Veterans Tribute Career & Technical Academy. VTCTA educates the students in law enforcement, fire science, 911 dispatching, emergency medical, and crime scene investigators. Mojave Electric provided the latest technology, equipment and design. Mojave Electric donated to the school which helped provide a full functioning dispatch center including: Six Position Dispatch Console to allow real life 911 dispatching scenarios, Six Radio channels for radio interface including Police Department and Fire Department interface and did the installation of conduit, cabling, and antenna infrastructure to properly support the Schools frequencies as well as the First Responders channels. Mojave Electric was also awarded the Veterans Tribute Career & Technical Academy Community Partner for 2013/2014.